Timeless Classic Double

Timeless Classic Double
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Product Description

From our Heritage Series this Timeless Classic real white real marble urn has an intricate
gold cross dimensional embellishment
- Extra Large Double Size for two persons
or one person and personal items like jewelry and letters from loved ones
- 371 cubic inch capacity with opening on bottom
- Outside dimensions are 11.5" tall
base and top of 8"x8"


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More about our real marble Urns: REAL NATURAL MARBLE HAS A DISTINCTIVE APPEARANCE UNMATCHED BY SYNTHETIC IMITATIONS. It is the traditional, costly material of statues and grave monuments and is instantly recognizable as such.This solid real marble is characaterized by the beautiful large and small natural veins in white, pink, grey and brown tones, and soft white cloudlike spots and swirls. These special markings classify your urn as the best quality of real, natural stone. No two pieces are alike - each has its own special everlasting beauty.

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